Eva Nicklasson

About me

The civil engeneer who left Chalmer's univerity in 1985 would take a log road which can be summed up as follows:


  • Logisic preparations - Volvo cars
  • Production technician - Hasselblad
  • Production manager - Hasselblad
  • Production manager - Hasselblad and OssDsign
  • R&D - ASEA Research and Innovation and OssDsign
  • QA manager - OssDsign
  • VD – Radi Medical Devices
  • Investigator for company grants – NUTEK, Stockholms Läns Landsting and Almi Stockholm
  • Private consultant - ISO 13485, Investigations and other micalanious assignmemts


The companies have had between 2 and a couple of thousand employees. Volvo, Hasselblad and ASEA are part of the classical production industry while Radi and OssDsign are both medtech companies. In multiple cases I have had to define work assignments and develop routines for operation, reportation and evaluation myself.


I have woked in both private and gvernment enviroment and can handel the difference in expectation and approach without loosing neither focus nor efficiency.


Early stages of companies – or restart – When every day starts with a question.


I can happely step in when there is much to do with few people and impossible to write job description and do what is needed unill the first propper of directors is formed. The only thing i won't do is accounting.


Production, QA


Shorter or longer assignment depending on need




Can imply widly different questions, but requires structure and strignens no matter who is asking the question. I have Investigated about (official) company grants in multiple support areas and can allso take a more leading roll in the organazation an management of the applications.




Anyone who find 18:th century bankruptcy as exciting as me are are welcom in any case.

Education and experience

Formal education:


Master of Science in Engeneering, mechanical and material science at Chalmers Tekniska Högskola,Gothenburg (1985)

Master's degree in economic history at Uppsala university (2014) with focus on bankruptcy during the later half of the 18:th century. Which as more to do with todays economic systems than you might think.




Fluant in both spoken and written English

German at gymnasielevel


Referenser kan lämnas på begäran


Rödhakevägen 31 B

756 52 Uppsala


+46 73 324 20 14